Brazil Peacock Bass at Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

$7,150, 7-Night 6-Day Package


Immediately following our inaugural adventure to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, Blackfoot River Outfitters secured two weeks in 2023. This is simply the best fishing experience we’ve ever had! We’ve already promised several of our 20 angler spots to those returners who just have to go back for more. If you want to join us for this amazing excursion contact us straight away, it will book full soon!

Trip dates: March 4-11 and March 11-18, 2023

Rates for 2023:
$7,150 per person all inclusive (base on double occupancy room and shared guide). Your rate covers a private flight to and from the lodge and Manaus Brazil, 6 and one half days of fishing, seven nights accommodation, all lodge meals, beer, wine and refreshments. Not included: Travel to/from Manaus Brazil, gratuities, and tackle (though the lodge has loner rods and reels).

Why Brazil? Why Agua Boa Amazon Lodge?

Hello? We’re talking about the AMAZON River basin! Yep, the same one with the largest drainage of any river on the planet. The same river supporting about half of the world’s remaining rainforest, a rainforest half the size of the United States and boasting the highest freshwater biological diversity in the world. It’s kind of a big deal!

The Agua Boa river happens to be the only river in all of Brazil that is reserved for single barbless hooks, catch and release only. A true treasure by any measure. When most people think of fishing the Amazon, they think of wide, silt-laden rivers. The Agua Boa is different. It flows out of the mountains of northern Brazil. Accordingly, during the dry season, the river runs low and clear. Once you have fished the crystal clear-waters of the Agua Boa, you will come to realize why this river has been described as “the most exciting, unique fishing location we have visited” and “the best fly fishing experience there is”. In 2022 BRO fished it under what the lodge staff considered the most difficult conditions of the year yet we still couldn’t agree more. If that was challenging fishing, we cannot imagine what it’s like in “good” conditions. But, we aim to find out!

What about the Fishing?
Peacock Bass fly fishing

Under normal water conditions, the clarity of the water allows sight casting to cruising peacock bass (Tucunaré) as well as the elusive arowana as they glide across the fine sandy bottomed shallows. The fishing season is built into the dry season and designed to provide quality water conditions throughout the season. But as with all fishing destinations mother nature always bats last and did it ever in March 2022. The river swelled higher each day with serious but sporadic showers (did we mention its the Amazon Rain Forest?) before and during our stay. Instead of overwhelming the guides, they did as we would in Montana and stepped up their game. Armed with machetes, paddles and even chainsaw we would not be denied. We ended up fishing lagoons and creeks that rarely see any pressure under normal conditions. To us, hacking, paddling, polling and even portaging only added to the adventure. Especially when the result was unmolested hyper aggressive peacocks on the hunt. As was the case more times than not.

Agua Boa Lodge manager Carlos, designed their fishing program such that each of the 7 guides each have their own beat. Anglers switch guides each day affording a look at new water every day with a guide who has that beat wired. Armed with prop and jet outboards (dependent on water levels) essentially you’ll have about a hundred miles of river to fish. There is a language barrier (downloading the Portuguese dictionary on Google Translate is a game changer!) but most of the guides can handle “angler English” and all are affable, extraordinarily hard working and super fishy. Expect to put your 8-9wt rods to the test when fighting these jungle peacocks and leaping arowana but pack a 10-11wt for a chance at arapaima up to 200# and lighter 5-6wts for dry fly eating pacu. In our week there we brought 10 different species to hand. For the versatile fly angler the Agua Boa is in a word – Paradise!

Accommodations and Dining in the Amazon:
Agua Boa cocktail hour

Expect to be pleasantly surprised with the delightful riverside cabañas and comfortable beds. The daily laundry service is a big plus (remember you’re in the Amazon jungle near the equator) as is the housekeeping. The lodge is a spacious facility with a large dining room, a living room, bar and game room. The game room has a snooker table, ping pong table, darts, and an endless array of games from chess to backgammon. There is also an entertainment area with a DVD player, wireless internet, and satellite TV. The lodge has a great porch with an eating area, hammocks, and sitting area. Outside there is a 20 meter swimming pool, bar area, and soccer field. The Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is the finest facility in the peacock bass world. Combine the accommodations with the small guest capacity, and you will not find a better lodge in the Amazon.

Breakfast is buffet style, with a choice of hot and cold dishes, breads, pastries, cold meat, fresh fruit and cereals. In addition, fresh fruit juices and coffee are freely available. Lunch may be taken either at the Lodge, where our chef will provide a cooked meal, or a packed lunch can be prepared in the morning for those who prefer to stay on the River all day. For dinner, guests will enjoy a three course dinner, with wine, served in the dining room overlooking the grounds each evening. The main course is a buffet, with a choice of several meat and fish dishes, all freshly prepared by our chef. Throughout the day and evening, snacks and hot and cold drinks are always available

BRO personal notes:

Agua Boa Lodge is a “anglers destination”. If you are looking for a tourist trip with shopping, beach relaxation, fun walks down quaint village streets with a bit of fishing – this is not your trip. The closest town is 5 boat hours away. However, the fishing can be so good that you’ll actually need to pace yourself, sometimes fishing only a half day or even relaxing poolside with a book for a day.

The staff and guides are simply delightful. From the meeting of clients with a glass of champagne on the tarmac to the salutations when you leave – they are fantastic. Expect to be blown away by their desire to make your trip exceptional.

We’ve been fortunate to fish some really cool places over the years (and we’ve loved them all) but Agua Boa Lodge is frankly the best fishing experience we’ve ever had. If you’ve ever considered a fly fishing adventure to a remote location but concerned that the advertisements wouldn’t match the reality, this hosted trip is for you. We make the arrangements and are right there with you during the duration of the stay. Assuring every participant enjoys their trip to the fullest! All at no extra charge to you. Call us straight away with any questions and to book this Hosted Brazilian Fly Fishing Adventure – 406-542-7411.

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These Pictures are all from our most recent Hosted Trip to the Amazon!